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Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, secure and is one of the best alternatives among browsers to i..

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Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, secure and is one of the best alternatives among browsers to iOS.
License: Free
Released: Google
Request: iOS 12.0
Last updated: 21-09-2021
Version: 93.0.4577.78
Total download: 656
Capacity: 130,7 MB

How to use Google Chrome - iOS


  1. 1.Google Chrome for iPhone/iPad - super fast browser
  2. 1 Quick search
  3. 2 Simple, intuitive experience
  4. 3 Login
  5. 4 Security
  6. 5 Save data costs
  7. 6 Compatibility with many other Google apps
  8. 7 Support voice pronoun search aid
  9. 8 More features
  10. 1.Update Google Chrome to the latest iOS
  11. 1 Google Chrome for iOS 93.0.4577.39:
  12. 2 G oogle Chrome for iOS 92.0.4515.90:
  13. 3 Google Chrome for iOS 87:
  14. 4 Google Chrome for iOS 86:
  15. 5 Google Chrome for iOS 85.0.4183.72:
  16. 6 Google Chrome for iOS 84.0.4147.71
  17. 7 Google Chrome for iOS 83.0.4103.63
  18. 8 Google Chrome for iOS 81.0.4044.124
  19. 9 Google Chrome for iOS 81.0.4044.62
  20. 10 Google Chrome for iOS 80.0.3987.95

Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use, secure and is one of the best alternatives among browsers to iOS.

Safe, Trusted Chrome for iOS

Google Chrome is a fast browser, security for iPhone, iPad

Get more done with Google Chrome new on iPhone and iPad. Now, browsing the web is simpler, safer, and faster than ever with Google Smarts built-in. Other interesting features in this version of Chrome are a fast browser with accelerated download speeds, the option of private browsing, inbox search and browsing, the ability to sync bookmarks & tabs between your phone and your computer.

Google Chrome for iPhone/iPad - super fast browser

Quick search

  • Search and navigate quickly, directly in the same dialog. Choose from the results that appear as you type.

Simple, intuitive experience

  • Open and Quickly switch between unlimited amounts of tabs. On iPhone and iPod touch, just flick through the tabs your way to open the tabs. On iPad, swipe edge-to-edge to switch tabs.


  • Sign in to Chrome to sync Open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, and data from computer to iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  • Send websites from Chrome on PC to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad with 1 click and read them on the go, even when you're offline.


  • Opens a tab in Incognito to browser without saving history.

Save data costs

  • Minimize data usage and speed up page load times. View data saved in Bandwidth Management settings. This functionality is being rolled out and will be available to all users over time.

Compatibility with many other Google apps

  • Option to open links for YouTube, Google Maps, Google+ and Google Drive right in the app instead of having to open the browser.

Support voice pronoun search aid

Try queries like “Who is the president of the United States?”. followed by “Who is his wife?” (who is his wife?).

Autofill password and payment info

Chrome for iOS supports easy tab management

More features

  • Cast support: roughly understood as outputting the website's content to mobile devices for wireless presentation. This functionality will now require developers to add support for their website to use Cast.
  • Add support for right-to-left language input on the address bar for the Arabic version Arabic and Hebrew.
  • See search terms in the address bar instead of seeing lengthy query URL strings.
  • Customize search algorithm, allowing multiple display Google Chrome for iOS.
  • Chrome browser access history page has got a new, more modern and powerful interface than before, making it easy view, search and clear your browsing history.
  • Updated Voice Search functionality with a brand new look that says Google is ready to help you find information or website by voice. Users can ask contextual questions like "How tall is the Eiffel Tower?" or "When was it built? " (when was it built) and listen to Google answer questions directly.
  • Fix minor bugs and stabilize the browser.
  • A much appreciated function. What users expect is available on the new Google Chrome for iOS, which adds a QR code scanner to the browser. From now on, you will be able to scan QR Codes or Barcodes by using the 3D Touch force-sensitive function on modern iPhones (from iPhone 6s) or simply by searching for QR keywords in Spotlight. QR code scanning tool makes it easy for you to access product information, authenticate and pay online with very high security and convenience.
  • Redesign the layout of the tab switch above iPad, which helps you quickly open the pages you are browsing on different tabs.

Language Support: English, Arabic, Norwegian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. The app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone six and iPhone six Plus.

Chrome Incognito Browsing Mode

Sync Chrome across devices

Update Google Chrome to the latest iOS

Google Chrome for iOS 93.0.4577.39:

Google Chrome for iOS version 93.0.4577.39 includes many improvements, bug fixes and security enhancements as well as synchronization; In addition, there is an additional payment function on the web. Because Chrome updates in the background, most users can complete the refresh by relaunching the browser.

The main content of the Chrome iOS 93.0.4577.39 update is as follows:


  • When you press and hold a link or image in a web page, you will see an updated context menu.
  • If you are already logged into your account. Google (Google Account) on your device, users can now log in more easily to Chrome and other Google services on the web.
  • Currently logged in users can users and save payment methods from their Google Account without having to sync.
  • Improve Google Chrome stability and performance.

G oogle Chrome for iOS 92.0.4515.90:

Chrome 92 update will add new content and patch vulnerabilities:

  • Now you will be able to take screenshots of all web pages. After taking the initial screenshot, look for the Full Page option at the top of the screenshot editor.
  • You can enhance the protection. Make your own Incognito tabs more secure with Touch ID, Face ID, or Passcode. When you return to the Chrome app, the Incognito tabs  won't show up until you confirm it's you. To enable this, go to Settings > Privacy > Lock Incognito tabs when you close Chrome.
  • The New Discover design on the new tab page makes it easier to discover your interests.
  • Chrome now asks for confirmation if you need to close all tabs from Tab Switcher.
  • Intuitively redesigned Settings, History and Bookmarks.
  • You can share, bookmark, and add new things. individual tabs to the reading list from Tab Switcher. Select and hold any tab in the Tab Switcher to display a menu with these options.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Google Chrome for iOS 87:

  • Lighten app size.
  • On iPad tablets , users can open multiple Chrome windows at the same time. All you need to do is tap and hold on any link, then select the option “Open in new window” to open the link in a new window. Combined with the Split View function on iPad, from now on you will be able to browse multiple websites on the same browser really easily and conveniently.
  • Added a new function in Settings called Safety Check . This function helps users to check the latest available version of Chrome so as not to miss any updates. Option to work without having Safe Browsing on or off, not affected by password leaks and how to fix them.
  • Enhanced security for Auto-fill function automatic password. To autofill your password, simply sign back in to Google Chrome with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode depending on your device's current lock pattern.

 Safety Check feature on Chrome 87 Mobile

Safety Check feature on Chrome 87 Mobile

Google Chrome for iOS 86:

  • On the new iOS 14, users can set Chrome as the default browser instead of Safari.
  • You can easily check it out. whether the saved password list is hacked or not. If so, what is the fix for this problem? Go to settings (Settings) on Chrome > select Password (Passwords) > Check Password (Check Passwords).
  • Add a lot of sharing options, opening and other options when long-pressing bookmarks, history, open new tabs and read later.
  • Discover the improvements to the personalized Stories section on the New tab page.
  • With Make mode enabled. searches and browsing better, Chrome will provide quite a few extra layers of security to detect (known) phishing websites in real time. Users are advised to enable this mode when making online payments, online purchases and many other sensitive transactions.
  • Fix bugs related to taking screenshots on tab grid and enhancing provides general browser-wide stability.

Google Chrome for iOS 85.0.4183.72:

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  • Users can safely and easily use passwords stored on Chrome in other applications on the device. Go to Settings (on the computer) > Passwords and Accounts > Autofill Passwords. Turn on Autofill and select Chrome.
  • Page info has a new look. In the Chrome menu, select Site information and then safely explore the page you're on.
  • On iPad, when you open another app besides Chrome in split-screen mode, you'll see Can drag links between apps. When you drag a link into Chrome, you'll be able to drop it into the tab switcher, on an open tab, or directly into a bookmark to save.

Google Chrome for iOS 84.0.4147.71

  • Users are better protected from malware and malicious websites with the new Safe Browsing function.
  • On iPad, Chrome has better mouse and trackpad support.
  • Share websites easily by creating and sharing QR codes. To get started, tap the Share button in the top-right corner.
  • Downloaded data can be found in the Downloads folder of the Chrome menu or in the Files app of your iOS device.
  • Feel free to add nicknames to your saved payment cards in Chrome. Add a nickname when saving a new card or go to Settings > Payment methods > Edit.

Google Chrome for iOS 83.0.4103.63

Thank you for choosing Chrome! Google Chrome iOS version 83.0.4103.63 has the following updates:

  • If you're signed in with your Google account, you can see your last five search queries by clicking here. Click the address bar in a new tab.
  • Reminders and messages from Chrome have a refreshed interface.
  • On iPhone, users are free to change website text to the size you need by opening Chrome's menu and pressing Zoom Text… (Zoom Text...) or by going to Accessibility (Help) settings feature).
  • Chrome has updated the Terms of Service. For details, go to Chrome's Settings > Google Chrome > Terms of Service.

Google Chrome for iOS 81.0.4044.124

Google Chrome Release 81.0.4044.124 contains the following functionality, as well as stability and performance improvements performance:

  • Fixed minor bugs and improved user experience.
  • Fixed bookmark and security related issues.
  • Chrome has updated the Terms of Service.
  • Search suggestions will include word suggestions between words.
  • Added 27 new languages, including Burmese Electrical, Armenian, Urdu, Khmer Chinese, and Persian.
  • When a user's password is saved in Chrome's password manager, Chrome will let you know if you enter a password on an unsafe website.

Google Chrome for iOS 81.0.4044.62

Google Chrome for iOS 81.0.4044.62 version has the following improvements:

  • Google Chrome has updated its Terms of Service. You'll be able to see the new terms again when you create a new tab.
  • Users can find their own downloads in the downloads folder in Chrome's menu or in their device's Files app.
  • Search suggestions in the Google Chrome toolbar will include word suggestions between words.

Google Chrome for iOS 80.0.3987.95

  • When you start searching in the address bar, you'll see the top suggestions listed below. even with slow internet connection.
  • When starting a search in the address bar, users will see top suggestions appear locally on your device, even when in Incognito mode.
  • Fix an issue related to saving password infobar settings and Navigation handlers .
  • If you are logged in to Chrome and then logged into another website, Chrome will checkCheck if your username and password has been leaked online.















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