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Assassin Hero for Android, Do you love to play as an assassin ninja and fight with evil monsters fr..

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Assassin Hero for Android, Do you love to play as an assassin ninja and fight with evil monsters from many other worlds together? Assassin action game
License: Free
Released: NOXGAMES
Request: Android 6.0 above
Last updated: 05-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: 1.6.2
Total download: 297
Capacity: N/A

How to use Assassin Hero cho Android 1.6.2 - Game nhập vai ninja sát thủ chiến đấu


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Do you enjoy playing as an assassin ninja and fighting evil monsters from many different worlds? The action game Assassin Hero will let you play as an assassin hero who can shoot a super fast bow. Your goal is to free the whole world from evil forces and deadly bosses. Many people have tried but failed. Will you be able to survive and become a real assassin? Shoot targets and be legendary now!

Assassin Hero is a fast-paced fighting ninja action game

Test your assassin skills and go on an adventure to complete bloody quests. On your journey through enemy-invaded worlds, you will gain new skills to help you survive longer, but only true warriors can use those skills to survive. Become a master of stealth and attack from the shadows with your bow and arrow.

In Assassin Hero: Stealth Hunter, you are 1 hunter silently and take down enemies silently, or fight without having to hide, just dodge bullets and shoot back. In this hit and run archery game, you have to stop every time you want to shoot. It sounds easy, but it's not. When the bad monsters are trying to kill you, do what you think is right and don't give up.

So what's your secret weapon? You combine the skills of assassins, archers, action agents and mages too!

Equip rare items, weapons, go deep into the mysterious land of Egypt

Features of Assassin Hero: Stealth Hunter game for Android

  • Roguelike action role-playing game Fast-paced.
  • Unlock talents to improve archery and porcelain skills c powerful your assassin.
  • Multiple worlds filled with enemies and challenging bosses.
  • Lots of skills, equipment, and upgrades.
  • Offline game.
  • Difficult Hero Mode.
  • Use strategy and speed to clear your enemies.
  • Gory action .
  • Hit and run game: dodge enemy attacks, move, and fire automatically when you're in place.
  • Fast-paced running, dodging and firing .

Dive into Ancient Egypt with lots of temples, mausoleums, markets and more. What if you managed to survive and finish killing monsters in every world? The game is not over yet. Every world has an underground, those who call it hell, also need to be saved. But that was only started by the real killer. If you think you can, go into the underworld and defeat them all.














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