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Deadly Night, Deadly Night is a stealth action-style horror game with a scary atmosphere. Be prepar..

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Deadly Night, Deadly Night is a stealth action-style horror game with a scary atmosphere. Be prepared to feel helpless when you are stalked by
License: Free
Released: Torture Star Video
Request: Windows 7 above
Last updated: 05-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: N/A
Total download: 292
Capacity: N/A

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Deadly Night is an amazing game Strange in the style of stealth action with a really scary atmosphere. Featuring fresh visuals in the style of low-quality PS1 graphics - prepare to feel helpless as you're hounded by a relentless killer!

Deadly Night is a sneaky action horror game
Deadly Night is a horror game in stealth style

The plot of the game Deadly Night

The main character of Deadly Night Steam is a girl named Carol who is having bad luck and has to ask for a ride. across the country. One day, she went to a small motel by the road to ask for the night, but felt that this host had something strange. As the secrets are unraveled, she finds herself entangled in a night of terrifying death! Before long, no one was safe; and soon everyone will all die…unless you'll be able to avoid and defeat the bloodthirsty hunter. Will you be able to help Carol escape the nightmare of hell or will she die here?

New low-quality PS1 graphic style
Nice low-quality PS1 graphics-style visuals

Kidnapped from this hell and dropped into hell different because of a bloody cat-and-mouse game, are you resourceful enough to free yourself? Or will you run into the arms of the serial killer and end this nightmare in horror? Not for the faint of heart - prepare for horror and bloody carnage in game Deadly Night now!

Deadly Night encourages players to replay multiple times to open multiple endings
Deadly Night encourages players to replay multiple endings to unlock multiple endings

Main game feature Deadly Night

  • Use your wits to stay one step ahead of the killer - hide in closets, under beds, cupboards, etc. whatever you need to do to survive at!
  • Experience the cinematic atmosphere, encouraging replays to unlock multiple endings - you'll be able to save everyone i don't? Or will you choose to kill them all?
  • Stay alert after confronting a killer in a ramshackle abandoned house, deserted farmland and a maze-like forest.
  • Discover the secrets of a traumatized mind's nightmare - these horrifying memories and hallucinations will be yours!
  • Gamepad support.
Help Carol out of Deadly Night's nightmare
Help Carol get out of Deadly Night's nightmare

From the home of many scary low-graphics horror games like Bloodwash and The Horror Of Salazar House, Deadly Night for PC promises promises to bring a new horror experience for fans of the horror genre!














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