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Fishing Planet for Android, Fishing Planet is a highly realistic first-person online multiplayer fi..

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Fishing Planet for Android, Fishing Planet is a highly realistic first-person online multiplayer fishing simulation game. The game is developed by the
License: Free
Released: Fishing Planet
Request: Android 4.4 above
Last updated: 06-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: 1.0.63
Total download: 301
Capacity: N/A

How to use Fishing Planet cho Android 1.0.63 - Game câu cá chân thực trên di động


Introduction Specifications Download

Fishing Planet is an online multiplayer fishing simulation game The first has high fidelity. The game is built by fishing enthusiasts to give you the thrill of real fishing right on your Android device.

Fishing in many locations global in-game Fishing Planet
Fishing in multiple global locations in the game Fishing Planet

Fishing Planet allows you to download and play for free, cross-playing across mobile platforms. So iOS and Android anglers can fish together.

Compet online with other gamers in events and competitions with individual scores, achievements, leaderboards analysis and list of top players.

Many professional fishing gear
Many professional fishing tackle career

Features of Fishing Planet for Android

  • More than 130 fish species with AI-controlled behaviors, depending on the season, climate, time of day, water flow, bed type, water and air temperature, wind and more.
  • 20 stunning waterways with realistic graphics from around parts of the world, with their own climatic conditions, landscapes, benthic topography and vegetation. All waterways are based on actual location.
  • There are 3 types of fishing: float, spin and bottom fishing.
Various types of fish
Various types of fish
  • Thousands of fishing tackle combinations with unique hydrodynamic and physical properties. Realistic bites and authentic reactions. How to use bait based on the actual behavior of each fish.
  • Alive weather: Alternating day and night, changing seasons, different weather conditions (rain, fog, bright sun). There may be sudden rain or shine through the clouds.
  • The effect creates a feeling of dynamic water depending on the wind, current and depth. Water splashes, waves, ripples on the water create an extremely realistic fishing experience.
  • Detachable kayak and 3 types of motorized boats, each with speed, speed, and speed. durability and different specifications and features.













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