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GeoGebra Geometry for Android, GeoGebra Geometry for Android 5.0.541.0 is a free and useful geometr..

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GeoGebra Geometry for Android, GeoGebra Geometry for Android 5.0.541.0 is a free and useful geometry drawing application for Android smartphone and tablet users. .
License: Free
Released: GeoGebra
Request: Android 4.0
Last updated: 08-01-2022
OS: Android
Version: 5.0.632.0
Total download: 443
Capacity: N/A

How to use GeoGebra Geometry - Android


GeoGebra Geometry for Android 5.0.541.0 is a free, useful geometry drawing application. for Android smartphone and tablet users.

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With GeoGebra Geometry for Android, you can easily draw squares, connect points, draw parallel lines, draw intersecting circles, save and share results with friends and teachers. Millions of users worldwide are using GeoGebra to learn math and draw 2D, 3D graphs. download GeoGebra Geometry for free to draw shapes, learn math anytime, anywhere!

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Update GeoGebra for Android 5.0.447.0

  • Calculated values ​​contain angles and numbers shown in step-by-step guide so you will be able to use it like a calculator
  • Many other improvements

What's new in the GeoGebra Geometry Android app?

  • New user interface: smarter, more powerful and faster command processing.
  • The toolbox is divided into separate sections with the number of buttons increasing or decreasing.
  • Drawing tutorial with specific introduction.
  • Exam Mode: Turn your phone into a drawing test.
  • Quick Format Bar: tap on target to quickly change color, point, line style…

Key Features of GeoGebra Geometry

  • Build models with points, line segments, circles, curves, and angles.
  • Explore. Explore interactive geometry by dragging points.
  • Measure length and area.
  • Transform shapes with mirror, rotate, and customize tools.
  • Try drawing complex shapes in cones and orbits.
  • Evaluate shapes step-by-step for details.
  • Search for tools Free learning tools right in this app.
  • Save and share results with everyone.

Overall, GeoGebra Geometry is a drawing application from basic to complex that is relatively convenient for students and teachers alike, applicable to middle and high school students. With an intuitive design interface and built-in tools, GeoGebra Geometry for Android helps you learn math at home without any difficulty!

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