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MoMo for Android is the number one e-wallet application in Vietnam currently now allows fast, free c..

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MoMo for Android is the number one e-wallet application in Vietnam currently now allows fast, free cashless payments. MoMo app for Android makes it easy for you to pay bills, electricity - water, internet, buy movie tickets, cheap airline tickets, etc. Hundreds of services with attractive incentives.
License: Free
Released: M-Service
Request: Android 4.4
Last updated: 19-11-2021
OS: Android
Version: 3.0.27
Total download: 118
Capacity: 85 MB

How to use MoMo - Android


MoMo for Android is the number one e-wallet application in Vietnam currently now allows fast, free cashless payments. MoMo app for Android makes it easy for you to pay bills, electricity - water, internet, buy movie tickets, cheap airline tickets, etc. Hundreds of services with attractive incentives.

MoMo is the first e-wallet appearing in Vietnam, MoMo application has more than 20 million Vietnamese users and many attractive events to retain users as well as attract new people. Besides, MoMo also has 110,000 payment points spread across 63 provinces of Vietnam.

 Gift 700,000 VND

Payment is refund

50% refund

Main feature of MoMo app for Android

Super-saving mobile recharge 

  • 4% discount When you recharge your phone, buy card codes for all Viettel and Mobi networks fone, Vinaphone, Vietnamobile.

Buy 3G/4G Data at super offer

  • Top up/Buy 3G data card code/ 4G network of Viettel, MobiFone, Vinaphone with many data packages to choose from - Up to 10% cashback for each data package.

Open the magic bag - receive money every days

  • Create an account easily, it's free. No minimum deposit limit - 10,000 VND can also be loaded - both profitable and fast withdrawing and paying for hundreds of services right on MoMo. Withdraw money anytime, profit rate up to 6%/year.

Convenient bill payment

  • Paying all types of bills for electricity, water, Internet, cable TV, insurance, apartment fees, consumer loans, installment loans (Home Credit, Fe Credit, HD Saison, Doctor Dong, ACS, Prudential Finance, etc.
  • Use automatic payments, term reminders and expense management.

High-speed money transfer - free

  • Transfer Money to MoMo Wallet is completely free, just give recipient's phone number; recipients receive money instantly, 24/7, free to withdraw money to linked bank account.
  • Transfer money to more than 45 convenient, completely secure domestic banking; receive money instantly, 24/7 (including weekends and holidays).

Buy movie tickets quickly

  • Buy movie tickets at all theaters: CGV Cinemas , Lotte Cinema, Galaxy, BHD, Cinestar, Mega GS, etc.

Cashless payment when shopping

  • Pay with QR Code at convenience store chains, supermarkets: Circle K, Ministop, FamilyMart, Coopmart, Lotte, The Coffee House, Phuc Long, Gogi House, Kichi Kichi, etc.
  • Easy payment when shopping online on Tiki, Lazada, Yes24, Cho Tot, etc.

Simple Google service payment

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  • Pay for all services on Google Play, carefree experience millions of games, movies, books, apps, in-app payments and increase Google Drive storage.

Plan for a trip

  • Search and book hotels, villas and pay for air tickets, train tickets, etc.

Standard security

  • A strategic partner of 25 major banks the best in Vietnam.
  • Meet international security standards: PCI DSS highest level; 2FA, SSL/TLS, Tokenization; Multi-layer security when logging in & paying: OTP authentication code, fingerprint/face authentication, auto-lock apps and auto-block transactions with signs of fraud.
  • Money in MoMo wallet is guaranteed by Vietcombank and can be loaded and withdrawn 24/7.
  • Customer Care Center operates 24/7.

Deposit and withdraw money from banks 

  • Directly linked with 25 banks Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Agribank, BIDV, ACB, TPBank, VPBank, Eximbank, OCB, VIB, Shinhan Bank, SCB, Domestic card Sacombank, VRB, BAOVIET Bank, ABBANK, OceanBank, MBBank , PVcomBank, VietCaptial Bank, Nam A Bank, SHB, Bac A Bank, HDBank, SAIGONBANK.
  • Deposit from domestic ATM cards of all banks & international payment cards DEBIT Visa, Mastercard , JCB.
  • Recovery p and withdraw money at Circle K, Ministop, Viettel Post, F88, FPT Shop, and more than 4000 MoMo transaction points.

MoMo for Android

Transition great bonus

Top up phone

The trend of cashless payments via e-wallets is building strongly around the world. Through this form of payment, we will be able to feel secure about the security and avoid the risks when using the current inadequate bank card. That is why a series of e-wallets are gradually launched such as: AirPay, Moca, ZaloPay, etc.

Financial services on MoMo

God of Wealth

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  • Helps you accumulate money with an interest rate of up to 6%/year, daily payment, can be withdrawn to MoMo for free use immediately. Than Tai Bag is a product of Finsight, invested and managed by TVAM, deposited at Vietcombank.

Postpaid Wallet

  • Postpaid Wallet provided provided by TPBank, with the feature of granting users a starting limit of up to 5 million VND per month to spend countless services in advance and pay later with a preferential interest rate of 0%.


  • FastMoney provides loans from 2 to 10 million dong with super-fast registration steps, no proof of documents or complicated procedures, quick disbursement helps allows you to solve your financial requirements instantly.

Loan payment

  • MoMo Wallet can help you pay off your loans A leading financial partner with high-speed 1-touch operation – no delay and absolute safety.

MoMo Insurance Services

Motorcycle insurance

  • Quick purchase of motorcycle civil liability insurance, optionally effective time, immediately receive an electronic certificate with the same validity as a hard copy.

Phone screen breakage insurance

  • Very low cost only from 8.4k/month, peace of mind against the risk of screen breakage with benefits up to 3 million, quick repair at reputable center system.

Flight delay insurance

  • Receive immediate compensation of VND 888,000 for MoMo in school In case the plane is delayed from 2 consecutive hours.

Payment of life insurance premium

  • Quick and easy premium payment, peace of mind on time to secure your contract rights.

At the present time, MoMo wallet is gradually being overwhelmed by other e-wallets, but with established reputation. Creating a MoMo wallet still has a very strong foothold. Especially, MoMo's affiliated banking system is the richest today. Transfer money back and forth, but the recipient does not have to use MoMo wallet but can receive it via phone number. The number of affiliated banks is also constantly expanding, giving customers more choices.

Enter phone number to register MoMo

Enter authentication code to register MoMo

Enter password to secure MoMo account

With a friendly interface, extremely easy to use, making it easy for users to choose and make transactions with just one touch. When logging in for the first time, you must enter your phone number, enter the verification code sent to your phone number register Momo. Then, enter your personal information to enable MoMo e-wallet and enter a password to secure your account.

To ensure maximum safety for your MoMo account, each time you log into the application You need to enter a password to make sure it's done by the account owner, after 5 minutes of not using the application, it will lock itself, if you want to use it again, you have to re-enter the password. Therefore, you can rest assured about your account.

MoMo's game card payment system is also highly appreciated by everyone, famous games like MU, Tan Giang Ho Truyen Ky , etc. all allow payment via MoMo wallet to receive attractive offers for gamers.

MoMo financial application introduction video for Android


With, MoMo for Android you can easily perform all your money transfers, bill payments, game card purchases, purchases. movie tickets with just a few swipes on your Android smartphone.

Money transfer icon interface - Instant MoMo

  • The once dry money transfer transaction is now more fun, lovely, and emotional when MoMo allows users to customize the message template, icon, sticker, theme (wallpaper), etc.
  • Users can chat with each other in the money transfer interface with the Money Transfer feature in chat, so groups of friends and colleagues can easily divide and transfer money for meals. drink, hang out, etc.
  • The Get Money feature works in other ways such as sending QR codes, sending transfer links which are trusted and used by small shop owners, online shops as a method. online payment money. Besides, the money transfer link feature has also been used regularly by young people to contribute to school funds/class funds/tourist funds or by organizations and individuals to call for charitable donations.















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