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PPSSPP is a highly appreciated PSP emulator , thanks to the ability to download ROMs of PSP games (I..

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PPSSPP is a highly appreciated PSP emulator , thanks to the ability to download ROMs of PSP games (ISO files, CSO, PBP, ELF), demos or homebrew. Download and use PPSSPP for free.
License: Free
Released: Henrik Rydgard
Request: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Last updated: 04-05-2022
OS: Window
Version: 1.12.3
Total download: 136
Capacity: 18,2 MB

How to use PPSSPP


PPSSPP is a highly appreciated PSP emulator , thanks to the ability to download ROMs of PSP games (ISO files, CSO, PBP, ELF), demos or homebrew. Download and use PPSSPP for free.

PPSSPP interface
PPSSPP interface when playing PSP Final Fantasy

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a premium gaming device packed with exclusive games. Those who do not have a condition to experience this gaming device can use the PSP emulator software PPSSPP to play PSP games on their computer.

PPSSPP Features

Download PSP games and play them in HD

PPSSPP can run PSP games on pc in full HD resolution as well as play them on Android . It's nice to be able to scale the texture of the game interface without any blurring because the original is too small.

Playing Burnout Dominator
Playing Burnout Dominator of PSP on pc with PPSSPP

Enhance your experience

  • Play in HD and more
  • Customize the touch controls on the screen or use a controller external controller or keyboard
  • Save and restore game state anytime, anywhere
  • Resume the game where you left off by transferring games from the actual PSP to PPSSPP

Free Open Source Software

PPSSPP is an open source project, licensed under GPL 2.0 (or later). Anyone is welcome to contribute to improving the code. Thanks to this contribution, the compatibility of PPSSPP is gradually increasing, making it possible for gamers to play PSP games on their favorite devices.

Playing Soul Calibur
Play Soul Calibur with PSP PPSSPP Emulator

PPSSPP Intro Video


Quick experience of emulator PSP PPSSPP

The interface of PPSSPP is well organized, simple, intuitive, including 3 main tabs: Recent (shows names of recently played games), Games (brows game ROM files in a folder on your computer) and Homebrew & Demos.

PPSSPP Main Interface
Intuitive, simple interface PSP PPSSPP emulator

From the Settings menu you will be able to optimize the emulator parameters with 4 items:

  • Graphics (Graphics) allows to change rendering settings, frame rate, texture scaling, texture filtering and more.
  • Audio with 4 options to change audio parameters.
  • Controls allows to change the mapping of controls, allowing or disable touch screen controls.
  • Systems allows other general settings to be changed on PPSSPP. You will be able to change the language, save screenshots in PNG format, clear the list of recently accessed games, allow the use of cheats, access the developer tools, as well as the New experimental features to optimize PSP emulators and more.

The default parameter settings are arguably fine for most gamers, so optimizing those emulator settings and parameters are mainly aimed at professional gamers.

Update PPSSPP 1.9.3

Latest PPSSPP Update

PPSSPP 1.11:

  • Updated version Focus on fixing critical bugs and some new bugs on the emulator.
  • Fix the bugs that crash the program.
  • Fix the problem of displaying the keyboard on the screen. .
  • Performance improvements and related bug fixes.
  • New Browse button for opening SD card on Android 11.
  • Fix AdHoc network error caused by ANR2ME , e.g. Dragon Ball Shin Budokai, PowerStone, Bleach Heat The Soul 7, Kingdom Hearts, GTA: VCS…
  • Fix the graphics of racing cars in Outrun, Dirt 2.
  • Fixed the display of cards in Yu Gi Oh.
  • Fixed font errors.
  • Added exception handling so that PPSSPP still works when the game crashes.
  • Add support for multiplayer mode in some games.
  • Fix bug with IR interpretation.
  • New Fullscreen button for PC platform, added sound navigation bar.
  • Fix crashes and audio issues on UWP version.
  • Partial microphone support.
  • Fix actions in Hitman Reborn Battle Arena 2.
  • Shader enhancement for MMPX Vulkan.
  • Fix the performance of Test Drive Unlimited.
  • Add option to turn off desktop notifications.
  • And many changes, upgrades, fixes other error.

PPSSPP 1.9.3:

  • Fix flickering in God of War appearing with new drivers for GPU Mail.
  • Improved the performance of God of War on Vulkan, implementing the available GPU profiler.
  • Fix classification error on ARM Mali.
  • Improved VFPU accuracy, fixed Tekken 6 leg shake.
  • Vulkan defaults again on Android versions newer than Pie.
  • Fix HomeBrew store.
  • Fix signal processing that crashes GPU, fix crashes on Bleach and Armored Core games.
  • Fix processing bug. convert audio sample rate.
  • Perform optimizations on Vulkan.
  • Fix MP3 playback errors
  • Audio in Motorstorm: Fix bug Arctic Edge by returning the correct error.
  • Fix audio errors in Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Show Camera in Invizimals.
  • Add keyboard shortcut to replace and import textures.
  • Add support for Visual Studio 2019. No longer help Windows XP.
  • Fix graphics on Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.
  • Support for installing texture packs and ISOs from zip.
  • Improved mouse control on Windows.
  • Adds separate audio volume for speed instead.
  • Fix video recording errors.
  • Improves and other bug fixes.

Update latest PPSSPP update

PPSSPP 1.7 - Stability Identify and fix bugs:

PPSSPP 1.7 significantly improves compatibility and and fix many bugs. If you were frustrated with crashes or lag before, this latest PPSSPP will make you happy.

Update PPSSPP 1.7.1 has fixed minor crashes and fixed data saving errors. .

  • Fix Instagram crash on Galaxy Note 9, some new Xiaomi and nVidia Shield devices.
  • Select Vertex region on major platforms, fix DTM : Race Driver and other similar.
  • Main speed boost with postprocessor shaders in GL 3+.
  • Fix audio output on Windows.
  • Detect DiretctInput devices at runtime.
  • Simplified Discord integration.
  • New API debugger.
  • Enhance task switching.
  • Optimized graphics decoding.
  • Fix many other bugs and compatibility.

In short, PPSSPP emulated export PSP color, completely free, works well, no installation required, offers advanced configurability, supports gaming with the best resolution. Download PPSSPP to experience the hottest PSP games on your computer.















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