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Google Earth for Android, the latest Google Earth supports visual 3D map viewing, taking advantage ..

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Google Earth for Android, the latest Google Earth supports visual 3D map viewing, taking advantage of built-in voice recognition to provide users with the ability to
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Last updated: 05-01-2022
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How to use Google Earth 9


Map app Google Earth for Android takes advantage of the recognition feature built-in voice to provide users with the ability to search for locations, locations, routes, rivers, streams... hands-free. The latest Google Earth supports a unique and intuitive 3D map view.

Google Earth for Android App Now Shows Geotagged Google+ Photos -  Androidability
Google Earth Android app user interface

In addition to the available features like the computer version of Google Earth, such as: browsing maps by layer, positioning by satellite coordinates, using 3D maps, online travel through images. ..

What's New on Google Earth 9 for Android

  • The new Voyager feature brings you new adventures and interactions with the world.
  • The Knowledge card is your chance to improve your knowledge of travel and places. The cards in this section help you learn more about famous landmarks in each country or region.
  • See the world in 3D. A new 3D button lets you view the map in 3D or tilt the map with two fingers.
  • Take a picture of your current location and share it with friends as an e-card. .
  • Roll the dice and move to a random location that Google Earth chooses for you.

Timelapse Update

Timelapse feature new allows Google Earth users to go back in time and track important changes in the world.

Feature that allows users to go back in time and track important changes in the world. It could be useful to journalists, scientists and researchers who can use data on forest loss, global warming and other climate-related changes. around the world, covering the years from 1984 to 2018 to the present, but Google has pushed the limit up to 2020.

Timelapse feature is available on mobile smartphones, tablets and computers to table. It can be accessed via the rudder icon on Google Earth. Google also uploads 800 Timelapse videos in both 2D and 3D for users to use. Videos that can be viewed on YouTube or used in MP4 format.

New Timelapse allows Google Earth users to go back in time to 1984

Get new Google Earth Android

  • Upgrade UI, replace Change menu and layer panel simplified with new image layer (Photos).
  • Improved line style and signs, smoother transitions.
  • Support Google Drive (see KML/KMZ file).

Explore Timelapse in Google Earth

Watch a timelapse video of your world me to understand How the world has changed over time. You'll be able to observe the changes from 1984 to the present by:

  • Stories that show changes around the world and explain their causes.
  • Pictures curated from prominent places around the world.
  • All your favorite places on the planet.

Enable 3D visualization

3D images are displayed by default, but you will be able to use the Map Style feature to choose between 2D modes and 3D based on your preferences. To switch between 3D and 2D buildings:

  • On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google app Earth.
  • At the top left, click Map Style.
  • In Enable on 3D buildings, press On or >Off depending on your preferences. The blue switch indicates that 3D building is on.

Tip: If 2D mode is enabled, it can display images newer in regions. For the latest images, enable 2D mode. 2D mode will also be able to boost the overall performance of the app.

Key Features of Google Earth for Android

  • Explore the globe with a swipe of your finger simple hand on the screen.
  • Travel through the small 3D screen through major cities like London, Tokyo or Rome.
  • Immerse yourself in a world view in street level with built-in Street View.
  • Use Tour Guide to discover new and interesting places.
  • Browse layers like Wikipedia or Photos to see more of any 1 place.
  • Visit the map library to find impressive maps such as: real-time earthquake determination, flight, itinerary view hiking and more.















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