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Google Map is a great free online satellite map application provided by the giant Google. Google Map..

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Google Map is a great free online satellite map application provided by the giant Google. Google Maps can help you find any location in the world, find your way from one place to another, or walk or travel in place around the most famous cities globally as if you were actually there.
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Last updated: 25-11-2021
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How to use Google Maps


Google Map is a great free online satellite map application provided by the giant Google. Google Maps can help you find any location in the world, find your way from one place to another, or walk or travel in place around the most famous cities globally as if you were actually there.

Vietnamese Google Map Vietnam online map interface

Recently, Google has just added a feature that allows users to explore the universe, moon, planets, space stations universe... right in the Google Maps for Web app. Google Maps to explore the universe right away if you want!

It can be said without exaggeration that with Google Maps: Map of Vietnam online - you feel like you have the whole world at your fingertips. With GG Map, you will be able to drag the map to move from country to country, use the mouse wheel to zoom in until you see the streets. Or you can use Street View mode in Google Map, by clicking on the small yellow humanoid icon in the lower right corner of the map to navigate along the streets of many cities around the world, thanks to millions of images were taken by Google and used in Google Maps to create panoramic maps.

With the Vietnam version of Google Map, users can find their way and move safely, convenient in big cities or provinces and localities. Google Map Hanoi, Google Map Ho Chi Minh... will help you find the fastest way as well as find places to eat, visit... prominent in the city.

The power of Google Map is undeniable - the best navigation map app most currently. But besides that, computer users also have other equally effective options such as Coc Coc Map - an exclusive map application for Vietnamese users, a product from the publisher Coc Coc.

Features in the latest version of Google Maps

Resize the interface:

The Google Maps interface has been adjusted to be more open and easier to see, removing the Unnecessary details like bold outline, upgraded font to make street names or traffic intersections easier to read.

How to display new location information:

When the user zooms in on a city on the Google Map online, the areas are distinguished by the following colors:

  • Pink-orange: Nareas loved by many people with a dense density of hotels, restaurants, entertainment spots...
  • Green: Green areas such as parks and gardens.
  • Blue: Areas with lakes.

Show areas by color
The busiest areas of the city are colored in color pink-orange darker than other areas on GG Map.

What can you do with Google Maps online?

Regional Maps

  • Vietnam Map
  • Hanoi Map
  • City Map. HCM

Go everywhere with Google Map without getting stuck

  • Bye bye traffic jams: By tracking real-time traffic information, Google Maps can help you find the best route to get to where you need to go, avoiding traffic jams.

Traffic Map
See current traffic situation in major cities on Google Map

  • Always one step ahead : Don't worry too much about missing the downhill, every turn, every alley is clearly marked on every step.

Depend Directions
Google Maps is a detailed turn-by-turn road map

Visit the streets

There are many places around you waiting to be examined break. Looking for a restaurant to eat at? Browse nearby restaurants, find one you need and can make a reservation, all from within Google Maps.

View restaurants around your location
See restaurants around your location and other people's comments on Google Map Hanoi map

  • Your table is ready: With OpenTable integrated, you'll be able to make reservations at restaurants participating in Google Maps right away. from within the app.
  • See what everyone is saying: You're analyzing between 2 locations? Browse photos, see reviews of people who have been there to make a decision. Or even better, join Local Guides and share your favorite places.
  • Preview around your destination: Take a look around at your must-see destination with Business View and Indoor Maps.

Travel around the world

What happens to a map when it can do so much more than just one map? It will be a tour of the moon, a ticket to Mars, a panoramic view of the earth, from the highest peaks down to the deepest valleys and all over the world.

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  • The whole universe is waiting for you: Check out the Milky Way, take a break on Mars, see the moon without the need for a spaceship, just sit in front of a computer connected to the internet with Google Maps and a mouse.

Explore Mars
Explore Mars, the moon right on PC with Google Maps

  • Roam in any city in the world: Use Satellite and Street View to explore the cities and landmarks you've always wanted to visit.

Traveling in France
Travel in France with Google Maps map application

  • Feel the works of technology The biggest art in the world: With Art Project, you'll be able to circle the Palace of Varsailles, wander around the White House, enter the Tokyo National Museum and much more.

Personalize the map even more

Sign in to Google to make it personal. Save your home address, work address, keep track of places you've visited, quick access to recently searched places.

  • Information Sharing: Knowledge of places you've been to or interesting stories can be shared by creating a custom My Map with locations favorite near and far.

Customize map with My Map
Go to My Map and customize it your own way

  • Save time searching: Save your home and work addresses on Google Maps for the app to autofill and search faster. You'll also be able to allow Google Maps to access your iPhone and Android contacts to quickly find saved addresses.
  • Share your thoughts: Praise or criticize a place you've been by adding reviews, photos, and activity tracking every step of the way.

Explore Disneyland on Google Maps

Google Maps Street View allows users to Explore 11 Disney parks around the world from the comfort of your home.

Here's the list. Disney parks with Street View link for you explore:

  • Pandora the world of Avatar
  • Epcot
  • Epcot, Morocco
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Disney Springs
  • California Adventures
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Mickey and Minnie's houses
  • Disney Hollywood Studios
  • Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park

Google Maps is more than just a map. The application includes many other useful features, such as a tool to calculate the distance between two destinations, detailed information about any location using images, webcams and Wikipedia articles. .

You can use Google Maps without a Google account, but if you have an account and are signed in, you'll be able to read more weather, traffic, and location data. favorite, share personal maps with family, friends. In particular, Google Maps always updates the latest places and routes to provide you with the most useful information.

Update locations quickly
Roads are closed, there are construction works on Google Maps

In short, Google Maps is a world map great online place where you'll be able to find any location, get directions and get around the most popular tourist cities in the world.

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