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Microsoft Excel 2019, Excel 2019 is a professional and convenient spreadsheet creation and editing ..

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Microsoft Excel 2019, Excel 2019 is a professional and convenient spreadsheet creation and editing application in Microsoft's Microsoft Office 2019 office suite .
License: Free
Released: Microsoft
Request: Windows Server 2008/7/8/Server 2012/8.1/10
Last updated: 25-11-2021
OS: Window
Version: N/A
Total download: 119
Capacity: 3,6 GB

How to use Microsoft Excel 2019


Excel 2019 is a professional spreadsheet creation and editing application, handy in the Microsoft Office 2019 office suite of Microsoft.

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Microsoft Excel 2019 fully converges from basic to advanced features to create spreadsheets and edit Quick and efficient repair. The spreadsheet tool in Excel 2019 Full is easier to use and more powerful than before. You'll be able to preview trends with suggested charts and one-click predictions. Excel 2019 allows you to link tables and perform complex calculations very quickly with Power Pivot. Insert shapes and merge data to coordinate online spreadsheet processing. You'll be able to visualize data with new diagram types like Treemap and Waterfall. In addition, the new Tell Me search panel also allows you to do many other operations right in Excel.

What's new in Microsoft Excel 2019

Microsoft Office 2019

New Function

  • CONCAT: This new feature is like CONCATENATE but better. Conspicuous, its name is shorter and easier to type. In addition, it also supports range references in addition to cell references.
  • IFS: Sick of complicated, overlapping IF functions? The IFS function will take care of that. With this function, the test conditions will be in the order you choose. If all is well, the result will be returned. You will also be able to select “catch all” if there is no matching condition.
  • MAXIFS: This function returns the largest number in a range of numbers, which meets 1 or more criteria.
  • MINIFS: This function is similar to MAXIFS, but it returns the smallest number in a range of numbers that meets 1 or more criteria.
  • SWITCH: This function evaluates the expression against an ordered list of values ​​and returns the first match. If there is no match, the result will be “else”.
  • TEXTJOIN: This function combines content from multiple ranges and each item is split by sign. separator you choose.

Table new chart

  • Map chart: You will be able to create a cartographic chart to compare values ​​and display categories across geographic regions. physical. Use it when you have geographic areas in your data, eg country/region, state, county, zip code…

Make a map chart in Excel

  • Chart funnel plot: A funnel plot shows multi-stage values ​​in a process. For example, you'll be able to use funnel charts to show sales prospects at each stage in a sales funnel. The values ​​usually decrease gradually, causing the histogram bars to merge into one channel.

Channel chart in microsoft excel

Advanced Image

  • Extend Vector Graphics (SVG): Turn documents, spreadsheets, presentations The program becomes more attractive by inserting scalable vector graphics (SVG).

Microsoft Excel 2019 Insertion support SVG image

  • Convert SVG icons to shapes: Turn all SVG images and icons into Office shapes so you'll be able to change the color color, size, and texture.
  • Insert 3D model to see all angles: Use 3D to increase visual impact and creativity on workbooks. Easily insert a 3D model, then you will be able to rotate it 360 degrees.

Ink enhancements

  • Effects new ink: Express your ideas using metallic pens and ink effects like rainbow, galaxy, lava, ocean, gold, silver…

Excell 2019 supports Lasso

  • Digital Pen: Write or sketch ideas with a new style pen.
  • Customizable portable pen set: Create a portable pen set to suit your needs. Office remembers your pens in Excel across all Windows devices.

Customize pens in microsoft excel 2019

  • Writing equations in ink: Writing math equations is easier. Now you'll be able to Insert > Equation > Ink Equation, every time you need to attach a complex math equation in your workbook. If you have a touch device, you'll be able to use your finger or a stylus to manually write a math equation and Excel will convert it to text. If you don't have a touch device, you should be able to use a mouse to write.) You'll also be able to delete, select, and edit what you've written.

Write equations in ink in Microsoft Excel 2019
Writing mathematical equations in Microsoft Excel

  • New Ink Replay Button: Using ink in a spreadsheet? You will now be able to replay or rewind the ink to better understand its flow. Your colleagues will also be able to “replay” it to read the step-by-step instructions. You'll find Ink Replay on the Draw tab.
  • Easy Lasso Selection: Excel now also adds a Lasso - free profiling tool for ink selection. Drag this tool to select the desired ink drawing area, then you will be able to manipulate the object as you like.
  • Convert the ink drawing to a template: The Draw tab helps you select an ink style and start creating ink notes on the touch screen. However, you'll also be able to convert that ink note to a mold. Just select them, then click Convert to Shapes. This way, you can draw freely while maintaining the uniformity and standardization of the graphic shapes in Office.
  • Use the Surface Pen to select and change objects: In Excel, with the Surface pen, you'll be able to select areas, or without touching the selection tool on the ribbon. Just press the feature button on the pen and draw to select the area. You'll then be able to use the pen to move, resize, or rotate the ink object.

Better accessibility

  • One click to fix access errors: Accessibility Checker works better than before thanks to an update that supports international standards and useful suggestions to help you access documents more easily.
  • Help sound, improved. accessibility: Turn on audio guides as you work.

Easier sharing

  • Insert link recent links: Easily attach hyperlinks to recently used cloud-based files or web pages, creating meaningful display names for people using screen readers. To add a link to a recently used file, on the Insert tab, select Link and any file from the displayed list.

Insert link into microsoft excel 2019

  • View and rollback changes changes in a shared workbook: Quickly see who made changes in a shared workbook, easily restore previous versions.
  • Quickly save a nearby folder here: This user-awaited feature is available in Excel 2019: Go to File > Save As > Recent. And you'll see a list of the most recently accessed folders that can be saved.

Overall Improvement

  • Exact selection
  • Quick access to superscript and subscript
  • Upgraded AutoComplete
  • New interface: Colorful, Dark Gray and White.
  • Black background
  • Breaking language barriers
  • No notification when saving CSV files
  • CSV (UTF-8) support
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) in Excel
  • Enhanced PivotTable
    • Personalize default PivotTable layout
    • Automatically detect relationships
    • Create, edit, and delete custom measures
    • Automatically group by time
    • Find data in PivotChart
    • Smart rename
    • Many usability improvements
    • Multiple item selection in Excel Slicer
    • Faster OLAP PivotTable
  • Power Pivot Update
  • Export to Power BI
  • Get & Transform (Power Query) Improvements















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