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MindMup is a free website that provides users with an easy way to create mind maps in a short amount..

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MindMup is a free website that provides users with an easy way to create mind maps in a short amount of time.
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How to use MindMup

MindMup is a free website that provides users with an easy way to create mind maps in a short amount of time.

MindMup 2.0 - Free Mind Map web siteChoose appropriate colors in MindMup free mind map creation page

Basically, building a mind map is a very simple thing. Because users can map out creative ideas in just a few seconds, there must be an application that helps create favorable conditions for users when there is a need to use online. Now we have MindMup - a free service with simple features that helps users to design simple mind maps without having to download anything, open an account or do anything else. Because MindMup Online can be used directly on the web, it is compatible with all three operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

When entering the MindMup page, the user will first see a default map that explains in detail how the service works. Users will learn how to use the keyboard and mouse, see notes outlining how expansive and exciting the service is. Software to build mind maps MindMup 2 does not require users to register. Even if there is a need to save mind maps, users still do not need to register. If you are still hesitant about saving maps directly to the service, you can easily connect to your own Google Drive or save it to your browser's storage on your computer using HTML5.

MindMup is a mind mapping site designed based on JavaScript, so users do not need to install Flash to use it. This service will make the most of when creating simple mind maps. The user is allowed to connect the text frames, change the color, expand or delete them and move them around with the mouse. Users can use smooth bouncing motion effects to make them come to life.


Sticky notes for argument maps
Use the powerful note-taking feature of the free MindMup mind map designer

The MindMup page also supports undo and redo functionality. However, this website doesn't have the epic timeline interface of the MindMeister online mind mapping site. Instead, the MindMup interface has only 1 menu bar at the top and the prominent toolbar can be hidden if it feels unnecessary. After all are hidden, only the mind map is visible. To display the menu again, the user just needs to drag the mouse to the correct position.

Once you've done all that and want to share your work, you'll be able to export it to .png or .mm formats or simply share the link to MindMup. Anyone who clicks on that link will see your mind map and can make slight edits, but the changes will be saved to another copy. Of course, they'll also be able to share a new copy with you, but that's not a replacement for real-time collaboration.

MindMup is an extremely simple and compact website that can bring many interesting features to users. If there is a need to create a mind map to explain a certain concept or handle all the issues in the meeting, users should definitely visit the MindMup page right away. now.

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