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Darkness Rises is a massively multiplayer action RPG expect. With crazy hack-and-slash gameplay and ..

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Darkness Rises is a massively multiplayer action RPG expect. With crazy hack-and-slash gameplay and great graphics on mobile, you will be fighting according to a very attractive and attractive game plot.
License: Free
Released: Nexon
Request: Android 4.4
Last updated: 20-01-2022
OS: Android
Version: 1.61.2
Total download: 225
Capacity: 95,3 MB

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Darkness Rises is a massively multiplayer action RPG expect. With crazy hack-and-slash gameplay and great graphics on mobile, you will be fighting according to a very attractive and attractive game plot.

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Darkness Rises is a third-person action RPG set in a fantasy universe where you will be able to choose from 4 different characters to start your adventure. You'll be able to choose between a warrior, beserker, wizard, and assassin.

Also, before going into battle, you'll be able to use the game's powerful editor to customize your character. yourself down to the smallest detail. Not only will you equip your hero with new weapons and armor, but you will also have the ability to unlock new abilities. Both abilities and equipment can also be leveled up with the gold you earn.

The gameplay in Darkness Rises is very similar to other games of the same genre. On the left side of the screen you have the virtual motion bar, while on the right you will find (many) action buttons. You'll even be able to complete spectacular "kills" against specific enemies.

Tame the bosses. ferocious
Conquer fierce bosses

Darkness is pervading the land and within it lies a horde of demons, ready to break through and penetrate our sealed portals. The road ahead will be tough, but you need to persevere and go to hell to kill this evil before it wreaks havoc on the world.

New in-game feature Darkness Rises 1.10.0

New Archer Class

In In this new update, Darkness Rises brings a character class of the Spirit race, a race that loves peace but suffered from the destruction of their homes due to the battle between the humans and the Orcs. This is the 5th character of Darkness Rises.


New Archery Outfits: Steampunk, Hanbok, Crystal Rose, Uniform. Includes 11 face skins, 11 body skins, 12 head skins, 3 wings.

New skins

  • New Steampunk Outfit from the Outfits chest.
  • You can check out the new skin in Collection.
  • Steampunk Outfits.

New Outfit

New Event

Arrow's Journey

Join the Journey Event Archers, can receive various items including essences, runes, jewels, and polishing powder.

Journey of Archers

Event Mission – Arena of Trials Reopen

Get event points by defeating the boss from a total of 10 waves. 1 entrance ticket to the tunnel will be provided every 4 hours, additional gems can be purchased. All remaining dungeon entrance tickets will be forfeited after the event is completed. Ways to earn event points:

  • Get 1 point for every 1% boss HP deals damage.
  • Get extra points by defeating bosses within a certain time.
  • If you die mid-game, you can get the points you searched for up to that point.
  • Revive using 100 gems.
  • Leaders will be determined based on accumulated event points. Ranking rewards will be distributed when the season ends.

Event Mission – Black Friday Shop

  • Black Friday Shop is a special store that is only open during the event period .
  • Black Friday special chests can be obtained by using 1,000 gems from the shop.
  • Buy up to 50 special chests per day.
  • Received the following items from the Black Friday special chest.

Some improvements

  • Check the number of reports received.
  • Chat function will be disabled when you receive 5 chat reports.
  • Cannot chat with all characters 1 once chat is banned.
  • Chat will be blocked for 6 hours during the first reporting year.
  • No can report the same message multiple times.
  • Can report up to 10 times a day.
  • Report inappropriate conversations.

New lobby and music

  • New archery lobby and new soundtrack.

Arrow Base Lobby

Some bug fixes

  • Fix an issue where B++ rank runes or jewels were not being displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the cloak icon was being displayed for Alien Sunglasses skins.
  • Fixed Graphic error of the characters in the guild member list.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would unexpectedly close when entering the Square.

Darkness Rises is an entry game Action role-playing features a blend of stunning graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles. It's all at your fingertips.

Take control and control your opponent
Take control and control the opponent

From lunatics to magical wizards, you'll be able to choose from classes to match suitable for your gameplay. Take down fearsome monsters with a range of powerful skills, unleashing them in the arena against other players.

Quality graphics high quality
High quality graphics

Special Features of Darkness Rises for Android venture deeper into the abyss.

Gorgeous visuals

Experience high-quality visuals that truly immerse you in the world of Darkness.

Conquer challenging dungeons
Conquer challenging dungeons

Breakthrough gameplay

Use control souls to take control of monsters and b Battle your enemies against themselves.

Dungeon Raid

Recruit guild allies and friends to explore dungeons, explore, and loot rare.

Overwhelm your opponent in PvP battles
Overwhelm your opponents in PvP matches

Access permissions

Basic permissions: Archive: Attach screenshot to send to customer care team.

Managed user rights:

  • For Android 6.0 and above: Go to Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions
  • For OS lower than A ndroid 6.0: Update the OS version to withdraw permissions; or Uninstall the app
    • If the app doesn't ask for permission, you'll be able to manage permissions following the steps above.
    • This app has an optional purchase app. You should be able to disable this feature by adjusting your device settings.

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