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In game My Time At Portia, gamers will attempt to re-shape human society in the post-apocalyptic wor..

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In game My Time At Portia, gamers will attempt to re-shape human society in the post-apocalyptic world. This is an open world role-playing game with free gameplay.
License: Free
Released: Pathea Games
Request: Windows 7/8/10
Last updated: 18-08-2021
OS: Window
Version: Demo
Total download: 4968
Capacity: N/A

How to use My Time At Portia

About My Time At Portia

In game My Time At Portia, gamers will attempt to re-shape human society in the post-apocalyptic world. This is an open world role-playing game with free gameplay.

Explore the post-apocalyptic world approaching the edge of change

My Time At Portia is an open-world role-playing game that makes players feel excited without having to follow many limits. Basically, this game consists of elements of free and exploratory gameplay. Currently, the demo version of the new role-playing game My Time At Portia is quite short at the moment, but it is clear that it has revealed many promising features. Things will be even better if the developer can integrate all the interesting ideas in the complete game. This PC role-playing game is designed according to the familiar trend that gamers will create a character, level up and create their own style in a colorful world where all kinds of situations can take place. different situations.

The role-playing function of the role-playing game for Windows OS My Time At Portia seems to be far from reaching the level of complexity at the moment because there is not much that gamers can change other than a few interface settings. However, gamers can learn many skills and abilities while playing the game, which includes fighting, gardening and many other jobs. The whole thing takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, but the game's environment doesn't look as dilapidated as imagined. Instead, the whole thing looks colorful and warm so gamers are sure to have a great time during the adventure.


Portia World Adventure

Adventure to explore the world of Portia

Find a companion, find resources and take care of your own home

Gamers will receive a house at the beginning of a new game and can slowly provide full equipment and furniture for the house, not to mention being able to build an entire area. garden. Other activities also play a very important role, such as searching for different types of resources, exploring the world and clearing dungeons. Moreover, the Crafting function allows gamers to use ancient relics to build many things and make society more progressive.

Besides, it is worth noting that each character in the world of Portia has different characteristics and gamers can interact with them during the game. The characters will give gamers tasks to perform, while other characters can be romantic brothers. Gamers can have a wedding ceremony if they use the cards properly. There is always a reason that urges gamers to continue and return to playing games regularly.


New skin pack for My Time At Portia

New costume pack for My Time At Portia

A fun experience for fans of free play

In general, the role-playing game for PC My Time At Portia is full of all the attractive features of a great game, so gamers should definitely keep an eye on the development of this game. this game. The open-world mechanics and role-playing elements come together nicely, and it seems that exploration will play a major role in the final version.

The latest My Time At Portia Update

My Time At Portia (August 2021):

My Time At Portia 8/2021 adds some missing content and minor improvements and fixes

My Time At Portia 8/2021 adds some missing content and minor upgrades and fixes


New Content

  • Added new voices for Gale, Higgins, Paulie, Alice and more. Added missing voiceovers for over 60 NPCs.
  • Added source introduction for Pink Cat's Ears item.
  • Added source introduction for Wedding Anniversary gifts.
  • Added interior map for Huss and Tuss's house as well as Mason's house.
  • Added a timer for fishing mini game.

Change, adjust

  • Turn the Pinecocks mission trigger time to prevent conflict with other Starlight Island missions.
  • Adjust the time of the Change the Subject task to the 2nd day and fix the incorrect end of the task.

Fix bugs

  • Fix an error where the general map of Portia was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix incorrect spacing error when Oaks interacts with gamers.
  • Fix bug that cannot reset camera while riding.
  • Fix bug that doesn't show tips to reduce food when you add it.
  • Fix bug where poisoned water doesn't deal damage while in Sewage Plant.
  • Fix error on day 1 prediction that affected day 2 of Martial Arts Tournament.
  • And fixed some other minor bugs.

My Time At Portia (05/2021):

Finish the voiceover

The voiceover in Portia is still being rushed to completion and is expected to be completed in the next few weeks. In this update, you can notice that a voiceover has been added, creating a very animated world.

Details of the new Sandsleding mini-game

Sandsledding is a special board sport. The race track is splendidly decorated to create a more attractive entertainment space.

Find new furniture to suit your studio

Find new furniture pieces to suit your workshop

New furniture set

Furniture is the most important factor for your workshop to be suitable for the "half" found in Sandrock. Here, you will find designs in progress and creative customization. Please choose the type of furniture that best suits the design language of the workshop.


More crops

The basic farm feature was added in the most recent Beta. Now, this function is extended with many new seeds and plants including:

  • Cactus
  • Rose dust
  • Coffee tree

My Time At Portia adds 3 new seeds and plants

My Time At Portia adds 3 new seeds and plants

Remove black screen in transition

To make the story more continuous and smooth, the developer removed the transition in the form of a black screen. Instead, the game will optimize the camera angle to follow the transition, bringing a more natural feel to the gameplay.

My Time At Portia latest adds new characters, new quests and more

The latest My Time At Portia adds new characters, new quests and more

My Time At Portia (October 2020):

  • New quest series involving Tody, Higgins, Huss & Tuss… After completing the main story, you will be able to unlock them.
  • New NPC - Mason will appear in the world of Portia with his own quest and new stories to tell everyone. This character will be unlocked after completing the main story.
  • Fix bug that caused Mint's Under the Sun quest to cause a black screen and freeze.
  • Fix bug where the game freezes after opening the Alice Book Fair plot dialog.
  • Add a side quest for Higgins.
  • Expand the main quest chain.
  • Added side quests for Hulu Brother, Paulie, Toby and Alice (after marriage).
  • Add new content to Portia Times.
  • Optimize Alice's behavior in the Flower Shop Sign quest.
  • Fix Chamber of Commerce ranking error.
  • Fix an error when checking the skill tree on the Japanese interface causing the game to crash.
  • Fix crashes when opening quests and dashboards when characters are outside.
  • Fix bug that cannot use Pepperiffic Beef Burger in Quick bar.
  • Added Aka Replanting Content Intro.
  • Fix missing Sasquatch and Pointy Nosed Snowman icons on the map.


My Time At Portia (June 2020):

  • Support new languages ​​like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish and VN to bring My Time At Portia game to more countries.
  • Optimize the intro A Spice to Remember.
  • Fix menu introduction error.
  • Fix a crash when accessing Town Hall.
  • Fix bug that cannot open Shining Apple quest.
  • Fix bug that when accessing the restaurant on Lucy's birthday, it turned into a birthday party CG.
  • Fix crashes in some languages.
  • Added Uplifting Gift quests to change their appearance after completing them.
  • Added side quests Remington, Merlin, Lucy, Django.
  • Add new NPC relationship.
  • The NPC Pack will enable costumes for Arlo, Emily, Phillis, Ginger, Dr.Xu, Gust, Sam and Mint characters. To try on these new clothes, use the Social settings in the menu, select your favorite outfit so that the character will appear in new clothes the next morning. You will be able to tick both the default and the new set so that the character changes daily. NPC pack includes 8 new clothes.

My Time At Portia owns beautiful graphics, eye-catching colors

My Time At Portia has beautiful graphics, beautiful colors

My Time At Portia Configuration Required

Minimum system requirements for PC

  • Windows 7 and later OS
  • i3 processor
  • Storage 6 GB RAM
  • ATI 5770, GTX 460 Graphics
  • DirectX 10 Version
  • 5 GB free space

Recommended system requirements for PC

  • Windows 10 OS
  • i7 processor
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • GTX960+ Graphics
  • DirectX version 11
  • 10 GB of available storage

Attention: Demo version of the role-playing game My Time At Portia is released for Windows OS via Steam. Install Steam for PC first, then download My Time At Portia Demo to explore the open world right away.












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