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Destiny 2 - the highly anticipated action shooter in 2017 is now free to play on Steam.

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Destiny 2 - the highly anticipated action shooter in 2017 is now free to play on Steam.
License: Free
Released: Activision Publishing
Request: Windows 7/8.1/10
Last updated: 05-05-2022
OS: Window
Version: N/A
Total download: 154
Capacity: N/A

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Destiny 2 - the highly anticipated action shooter in 2017 is now free to play on Steam.

Download the action game Destiny 2

Shooter Destiny 2

Destiny 2 for Windows takes gamers on an adventure Save a little bit of fantasy in the solar system. You will immerse yourself in the world of legends, fighting hard to bring victory to your homeland. In the multiplayer mode, players will side with their friends in large-scale battles. Destiny 2 PC version supports extreme 4K graphics, adjustable viewing angle… for the most immersive shooting experience!

Mass character system

Your main opponent in game Destiny 2 is the Red Legion. Besides, gamers also in turn discover the secrets of the past and support the alliance in the role of a legendary hero.

The character system in Destiny 2 includes hunters, guards… with distinct strengths and abilities. The game has a modern and massive arsenal of weapons, from cannons to missiles, sniper rifles, machine guns... for you to choose depending on the tactics in each campaign.

Beautiful 4K Graphics

Inner World the game Destiny 2 is full of mysteries, wilds and dangers - where the most ferocious enemies prepare to fight. To survive in this battle, you must combine the strength and skills of your character with a maneuverable strategy to conquer all challenges!

Destiny 2 Gaming Configuration

Minimum Specifications:

  • Set processor: Intel Core i3 3250 or AMD FX 4350.
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850.
  • RAM: 6GB.

Recommended configuration:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 or Ryzen R5 1600X.
  • Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or better Radeon R9 390.
  • RAM: 8GB.

Latest Destiny 2 Update

Latest Destiny 2 Update

Destiny 2 - Solstice Event of Heroes for free:

Legendary Footsteps

The Last City community was founded, not of iron or stone, but of heroism and loyalty. brave. Accompany familiar bodyguards and base defenders. Eva Levante is waiting for you at the watchtower with words of gratitude as well as a promise of victory.

Aerial Islands

Flying over European airspace to fly over Europe. Find glory and treasure. More rewards are waiting for you there.

Destiny 2 game introduces Solstice of Heroes event with many activities, attractive rewards

Destiny 2 introduces the Solstice of Heroes event with many activities and rewards

Light up the night

Collect Solstice armor exclusive to each class and upgrade it after completing the objectives. Then the light from the legendary armor will guide your forces through the long dark nights.


Every day, you need to combine attacks. Attack with elements to create unique boosters. Note, only one summoner can be activated at a time.


  • In addition to the legendary armor, during this event, players also have a chance get shotguns, Exotic Ghost Shells, new icons and more…
  • Earn new icons to complete the ultimate Solstice armor and unlock the exclusive 2021 Solstice of Heroes.
  • Encourage legendary armor with glowing decorations. Also, look for more warships, sparrows, and other items.

Destiny 2

  • Battle system
    • Fixed bug where Dynamo mods were giving more mana than expected.
    • Fixed bug where swapping between Hand Cannons with Explosive Rounds could deal more damage than expected.
    • Fixed an issue where Pyroclastic Flow no longer had Tap The Trigger as a perk.
    • Fixed a bug where hunters could no longer have Tap The Trigger as a perk. Symmetry's bow accidentally stuns invincible champions.
    • Fixed a bug where the victor could knock bosses off the map and cause other unruly actions.
    • li>
  • Activity
    • Fix an issue where opening Forsaken Baron adventures caused Honeydew errors.
  • Resolution rewards
    • Exactly provides Resonate Stems prizes, Escalation Protocol crates and many other related rewards.
    • Fix bug where Sundial prizes could be spent without crashingitems.
  • Eververse
    • Fixed an issue where the Titan Sunbreaker armor decoration pack was still purchased at full price even after having them.
  • Precisely save video settings on your computer and do not reset them when opening the game.















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