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Oxygen Not Included is a simulation game set in a space context. Gamers Oxygen Not Included on PC wi..

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Oxygen Not Included is a simulation game set in a space context. Gamers Oxygen Not Included on PC will explore the deep rock layers of space, accompany their own research team to master science, conquer new living entities and technology space for survival, development.
License: Free
Released: Klei Entertainment
Request: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Last updated: 19-11-2021
OS: Window
Version: 484114
Total download: 123
Capacity: N/A

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Oxygen Not Included is a simulation game set in a space context. Gamers Oxygen Not Included on PC will explore the deep rock layers of space, accompany their own research team to master science, conquer new living entities and technology space for survival, development.

Space survival game

As the name suggests, the space you live in game Oxygen Not Included is severely lacking in Oxygen. Your mission is to find Oxygen, life and food... - elements that threaten the survival of the new empire. Lead the people to overcome the difficulties in the hypoxic space, follow the population growth until they not only survive but also find a way to thrive.

Build a base and discover a way to survive

Everything in space is under your control, from mining resources to designing electrical systems. Resources will gradually drain your Oxygen. So, mine fast if you need to stay alive.

Simulate life in space

Unique survival simulation game

Turn the psychological effects of survival into fun entertainment, taking advantage of available resource tools, or food for the inhabitants. Each citizen will have their own way of reacting to the immediate difficulties. As the leader, your mission is to make everyone happy, no matter what the cost!

Temperature Control

Temperature is an important factor in space. If the temperature is too low, you will freeze, and vice versa, too hot will make the space stifling and oppressive.

Make use of gas and liquid gas

Design a system of interconnected pipelines to transport fuel and liquids to the base. Turn your colony into a luxury fuel factory.

Research new technology

<3 Smooth, steady motion.

Gives enough oxygen for life

Step into the Oxygen Overlay to see how the airflow moves through the base. Control the accumulation of carbon dioxide and create oxygen to supply the whole city.

Do not waste anything

Use all available resources to create appliances, various energy sources. The recycling process applies to spent fuel, gas, food… With a little intelligence and calculation, you will be able to make the most of everything in the colony for reuse. for other purposes.

Building construction

Explore the vast world, gradually expanding with the game

Occupy new lands through countless stone floors, build bases, exploit resources and build a new life there.

Gaming Configurations Oxygen Not Included:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit or later.
  • CPU: Dual Core 2GHz.
  • RAM: 4GB.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 (AMD or NVIDIA).
  • DirectX 11.
  • Minimum 2GB free hard drive space to install and play the game Oxygen Not Included.

Update Oxygen Not Included to the latest

Oxygen Not Included continuously updates new versions to add features, changes and fixes

Oxygen Not Included 484114:

New World

Added a series of new sub-worlds, small in size, few creatures but close together. The sustainability of sub-world groups allows gamers to visit multiple worlds that are closely linked. This is also a new game mode with lots of challenges, suitable for old players.

Oxygen Not Included 484114 introduces new worlds and new technology alongside a new one. number of upgrades, minor bug fixes

Oxygen Not Included 484114 introduces new worlds and new technologies in addition to some enhancements level, fix minor bugs

Radiation and Nuclear

Added 2 buildings to the Radiation category in the build menu, namely Radiation Lamp and Manual Radbolt Generator . Each work has its own role, consuming or producing new fuel for your research.

Research change

Change the way Cosmic research is done. Research. It was first renamed Data Analysis Research and created through the processing of Data Banks at the Virtual Planetarium. Data Banks are created in a variety of ways, including using the Orbital Data Collection Lab, studying groundwater, artifacts and satellite searches as well as POIs.

Also, the latest update for Oxygen Not Included game also fixes the compilation of the games. language along with many other improvements, bug fixes.

Oxygen Not Included 472345:


  • Refrigerator emits less heat when in Power Saver mode.
  • The vertical spacing of the resource screen interface has been improved. pins and other diagnostics.
  • Remove excess width from the game interface.

Oxygen Not Included 472345 focuses on remediation bug exists on versions t then

Oxygen Not Included 472345 focusing on fixing bugs that existed on previous versions

Fix bug

  • Fix an error that could not save and display internal and external report data.
  • Fix an error that could not update progress Critter Whisperer and Moovin' On Up achievement checkboxes in the public interface.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Meteor Shower background effect from displaying when the meteors were not falling.
  • Fixed Inhomogeneity error in the placement of Solar Panel/Heavi-Watt Wire. There are 2 rebuildable buildings of each type.
  • Fixed making Oceania but not Oil Reservoirs.
  • Fixed biome size being restored to its original size.
  • Restores Barbeque to the consumption menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused rocket animations to collapse when displayed over a construction area.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Bio tab with someone with similar interests but not in the main game.
  • Remove the Spaced Out recipe! Graphite from Rock Crusher no longer causes crashes.
  • Fix an issue where rockets couldn't detect resources in space.
  • And fixed other minor bugs.
  • li>

Oxygen Not Included 469473 and earlier:

  • Oxygen Masks no longer crashes in the original game.
  • Increase the version number of Spaced Out!. The previous version number caused the wrong version of all mods. The Public Test version has also been updated with a new update.
  • Added a bunch of new features, including skill level traits.
  • Tech tree redesign, major migrations Conveyor Rails tech trees leveled up before.
  • Redesign of food storage and cooling mechanism.
  • Watch valves and oxygen masks are now available available in the base game.
  • Adds the base game's clothing durability stat, but is disabled by default.
  • Blinding and related bugs require Gamers must be careful with Clo.
  • Improved diagnostics panel, resource screens, and overall gamer interface.
  • Added destructive skill for all player.
  • All new content, including rockets, star and asteroid maps, radiation buildings…still exclusive to Space Out!.

Space Out update! for Oxygen Not Included game

Space Out! update for Oxygen Not Included game

Oxygen Not Included 464102:


  • Sleet Wheat and Nosh Sprouts roll to find mutant seed in the crop.
  • Gas Grass is the normal seed nsx for Space Out.
  • Currently, tinting and scaling apply to all plants. This feature sets apart mutants like Bountiful, Exuberant and Juicy Fruits.
  • Changes icon for Metallic biomes.
  • Update Simplified Chinese interface.

Bug Fix

  • Saturn Critter Trap no longer has the ability to mutate the seed.
  • Connect the missing Saturn Critter Trap Seed image.
  • Fix a crash when converting fertilizers on mutant seeds.
  • Fix rocket launching into each world i separately can cause misfire or error.
  • Only display the ignition image on the rocket during takeoff, not on landing.
  • Fixed a bug where the portal would choose to go offline even when loading or unloading a rocket.
  • Fix the border temperature gradient where stat swapping occurred.
  • Fix an issue that caused the border to change extreme temperature persists extreme low temperature reading in between.
  • Screen pauses appearing above other screens.

Oxygen Not Included - Spaced Out! - A Totally Rad update:

Spaced Out update! - A Totally Rad of Oxygen Not Included game

Spaced Out Update! - A Totally Rad of Oxygen Not Included game

  • Introducing the Radiation System in the Early Access version of Spaced Out! besides radiation and elementary nuclei.
  • Allows raw Uranium to be converted to useful radiation via the Research Reactor, and then searches for energy through the Radbolt system. This is the foundation for new infrastructure and systems.
  • For each system in ONI, radiation is connected to other systems that span the entire game.
  • New radiation sources include: cosmic radiation, radioactive Wheezeworts and Shinebugs.
  • Adds Atomic Research Points to the tech tree.
  • Adds Radiation Balance necklace item Enter the Duplicant's condition sheet.
  • New creatures Beeta and Beetiny help refine natural Uranium ores.
  • Harves Beeta's nests in search of Uranium.
  • Addition of facilities to support the production and extraction of radioactive particles.
  • Atomic Collider Research Station turns Radbolt into a new technology.
  • Adds protective clothing. and checkpoints to help deal with external radiation.
  • Showers help clear radiation from personnel and cargo.
  • Radiation disease can have a negative impact to exposed clones.
  • Using Rad Pill to deal with absorbed radiation.
  • And many new features, upgrades, fi x other error.

Oxygen Not Included 444834:

Oxygen Not Included focuses on bug fixes and some improvements level, minor changes

The latest Oxygen Not Included focuses on bug fixes and some minor upgrades and changes

  • Fix multiple crashes.
  • Remove 2 secret tiles from POI saltwater.
  • Add sound for POI. Plug Slugs.
  • Removed some unnecessary animations for Plug Slugs.
  • Click the New printables! to select each printer/pod in turn instead of opening the print screen directly.
  • Using the Porta Pod in airplane sleep mode does not affect the Printing Pod process.
  • Rover can't use the massage table.
  • Fix a crash when Duplicant dies from a fall.
  • Updated Chinese interface.
  • Fix Hanging issue when placing buildings.
  • Fixed a crash when an action occurred on a rocket while destroying it.
  • Rename High Velocity Payload to Interplanetary Payload.
  • Describe Sublimation Station well based on its current functionality.
  • Fix the problem of fog on the surface of all worlds.
  • Fix the issue of displaying straight lines. on some skins.
  • Enhanced collision box for Bog Jelly.
  • Fixed crash when opening patches.
  • Add new feature pair : Beside Manner and Unempathetic.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying a resident module.
  • Added Porta-Pod, Payload Emptyer and Rocket Control Station to the tech tree.
  • Fix black screen when loading game.
  • Add icon to detailed game loading screen.
  • Allows rocket to move to last cell with enough fuel left.
  • Increases mob density many creatures and plants on the planet.
  • And some other changes, upgrades, bug fixes.

Oxygen Not Included 408920:

Latest Oxygen Not Included Update

  • Add Protanopia and Deuteranopia colorblind modes.
  • Add Feedback button below patch notes as shortcut to feedback options.
  • Improved mods and crash screen:
    • Mod screen button now shows Browse instead of Subscription for internal mods. Pressing this button always opens the folder in the local directory, now the text combinations.
    • Enable/Disable all mod buttons on ModsScreen.
    • Errors encountered when installing mods will now open a new dialog.
    • Fix localization on error screens.
    • Users can now enable/disable directly on error screens.
  • Add new hammer sounds.
  • New logic gate sounds, sound changes and remixes.
  • Add Copy Settings button to Signal Switch, Power Switch, Ribbon Reader, Ribbon Writer.
  • Minor optimization in ConduitFlow.
  • Reduce Report Manager memory usage while saving .















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