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WiFi Temple for Android, Temple WiFi App for Android will help you quickly detect wifi hotspots thr..

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WiFi Temple for Android, Temple WiFi App for Android will help you quickly detect wifi hotspots through user sharing completely free of charge.
License: Free
Released: Appota
Request: Android 5.0
Last updated: 04-01-2022
OS: Android
Version: 5.3.0
Total download: 143
Capacity: N/A

How to use WiFi Chùa - Android


WiFi Chùa for Android is a very popular free wifi access application on Google Play. WiFi Chùa application for Android will help you quickly find out wifi hotspots shared by other users for free. Download WiFi Chùa app for Android to use free wifi as the name suggests

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WiFi Chùa is an application to find and share WiFi locations with more 100,000 locations throughout Vietnam and around the world. In addition, there is also the ability to share the WiFi password you know to everyone. When you start using the WiFi Chùa application, you must turn on the GPS to see the Wifi locations around you. After that, the application will list all Wifi points for you to choose to use.

Some features of WiFi Chùa for Android

Fast wifi connection and easy

  • Searching for Free WiFi around you simply with one touch.
  • Free WiFi system, fast connection at more than 2,000,000 hotspots access throughout Vietnam, making you comfortable online 24/7.

Save space

  • Save up to 3G/4G data, easy access to the internet, watch football online by connecting to WIFI.

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Share wifi to receive gifts

  • Share your personal Wi-Fi with friends as well as share WiFi hotspots throughout the community and instantly receive attractive gifts such as phone cards, free game cards,...

Information Security

  • Password system is all securely encrypted.
  • Browse safely, privately and secretly.

Video tutorial for connecting to WiFi on WiFi Chùa for Android


Update feature in WiFi Chùa 5.0.1 app

  • Share free wifi automatically to selected friends.
  • Share wifi password for reward.
  • Statistics on 3G and 4G usage to help manage and save data.
  • Entertainment activities in the app with lots of games to receive gifts.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

The WiFi Chùa application is compatible with all Android phones, lightweight, very easy Users only need to open the app and we can search for WiFi and access it. Now you don't have to worry about 3G rates anymore. Download WiFi Chùa for Android to experience the exciting features that this application has to offer!















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