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Naruto Tốc Chiến is a free-to-play Naruto role-playing game on multiple platforms with no installati..

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Naruto Tốc Chiến is a free-to-play Naruto role-playing game on multiple platforms with no installation required. Game Naruto Tốc Chiến will bring you to the battle of the mighty ninja warriors against the evil forces.
License: Free
Released: MangaPlay
Request: Browser
Last updated: 01-10-2021
OS: Online
Version: N/A
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How to use Naruto Tốc Chiến

Naruto Tốc Chiến is a free-to-play Naruto role-playing game on multiple platforms with no installation required. Game Naruto Tốc Chiến will bring you to the battle of the mighty ninja warriors against the evil forces. Download Naruto Tốc Chiến game to be ready to protect the legendary village of leaves.

Bridge of the Way in Naruto Wild Rift

Nruto Wild Rift Pearl Bridge

There are many Naruto-themed games on the market right now and all of them are attractive to gamers. Each Naruto game has the same theme, but has completely independent gameplay. Game Naruto Tốc Chiến keeps the same gameplay as the original international version and has no strong champions, only champions who have not yet awakened skills and talents when reaching level 120.

Facts in Naruto Tốc Chiến

In the game Naruto Tốc Chiến, you will choose to join one of three factions: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Magic.


  • Magic is an offensive faction of shinobi that uses books as weapons to attack opponents.


  • Ninjutsu faction physical attack, using darts as the main weapon to attack opponents.


  • The physical attack shinobi uses the sword as the main weapon for their faction.

Features of the Warlord in Naruto Wild Rift

Functions in Naruto Tốc Chiến Game

Naruto Tốc Chiến has all the basic features of the entry game genre classic role, in addition, players will be able to try new features, catching up with current mobile trends such as marriage without gender discrimination to increase combat power, inter-server PK, search for equipment sets character enhancements, etc.

Ninja genius awakening

Ninja's Gift Awakening

The world of shinobi with many fascinating ninjutsu will be a great experience in the leaf village. Let the warriors train and fight to regain the peace of the night, of the beautiful leaf village.

List of Ninjas in Wild Rift Ninja game

Neji (awakened)

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Middle Row

Itachi (awakened)

  • Class:Taijutsu
  • Position: Middle Row

Class: Taijutsu

  • Position: Middle Row
  • Faction: Magical Arts
  • Position: Back Row

Otsutsuki Indra

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Top

Otsutsuki Ashura

  • Class: Magical Arts
  • Position: Back Row

Shadow Sasuke

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Middle row

Naori Uchiha

  • Class: Genjutsu
  • Position: Back row li>

Cursed Kimimaro

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Middle Row


  • Fact: Magic
  • Position: Back Row

Tensei Tobirama

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Top


  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Middle Row


  • Feed: Genjutsu
  • Position: Back Row
  • Basic Stats: Arm Strength: 27000 (+27%), Sanity: 32000 (+32%), Agility: 32000 (+32%), Health: 330000 (+33%)

Orochimaru & Kabuto

  • Class: Ninjutsu
  • Position: Middle Row
  • Basic Stats: Arm Strength: 31000 (up 31%), Sanity: 29000 (increase) 29%), Agility: 29000 (+29%), Health: 320000 (32%)


  • Class: Magic
  • Position: Back row
  • Basic stats: Arm strength: 28000 (+28%), Sanity: 33000 (+33%), Agility: 33000 (+33%), Health: 340000 (+34). %)


  • Immune to anger reduction, blindness.

Princess Hinata

  • Position: Back row


  • Position: Top


  • Position: Back Row

Jinchuuriki Gaara

  • Position: Middle Row
  • Hand Strength: 33
  • Basic Stats: Dexterity : 30, Agility: 30, Strength: 35

New feature update in game Naruto Tốc Chiến

New feature - Marble Chakra

With the feature of the Five Elements Chakra, if we know the rules of mutuality / contrast, we can easily overcome the opponent, gain victory, and cultivate strongly. to prepare for Battle of the Zone.

New feature - War Lien Zone

Along with Ngu Hanh Charka, Chien Lien Khu is a very hot feature, here we will fight inter-regional with other countries:

  • Level 90 unlocks features
  • Reports are opened on the 1st to 3rd of each month
  • The 4th to 18th will challenge opponents to earn points
  • Win plus points, loser deduct, high rank high gift, end of season hand in pocket
  • Points can still be exchanged for items in the Shop

New Ninja update in the game Ninja Wild Rift

Great snake-torped Mitsuki

Mitsuki is a super hero that if built well, one pound of 5 is ezi. If you have Mitsuki in your team, it will raise your level to a new level.

How to get: Mystic Market

Revelation Jiraiya

Revealing Jiraiya has the ultimate power and Christmas-effect skills that fill the beautiful battlefield.

How to get: planting flowers at the Romantic Cherry Blossom event, if you accumulate 4,500 flower souls, you can exchange them.

Jigokudo - Hell Dao

1 of 6 bodies belonging to the Continent Pain's reincarnation, Jigokudo is Hell's path with extraordinary strength, his skill set - his gift has great support advantages for teammates.

How to get: Magic Market

Jigokudo - Hell's Way

Jigokudo - Hell Path

Guren - Crystal Release

The super-strong female general that everyone has been waiting for, has a special limited bloodline Crystal Release. As a top champion that can be considered one of the top of the game, with amazing stat power and beautiful skill effects, it will be very flawed if you don't quickly bring Crystal Release into the team.

How to get: join the Five Pictures event

Guren - Crystal Release

Guren - Crystal Release

Goku Instinct

The first Collab general of the game released on Halloween. Due to a number of reasons, the current general Goku Instinct has been officially released. Goku Instinct has a cool shiny appearance with super nice skill effects. As the top tank Goku Instinct will be a sure wall to protect the whole team very effectively.

Itachi Awakens

Itachi Awakens is a general that has been around for a long time. Now a lot of love, care and anticipation has appeared. Super ninja Itachi with incredible stats and strength will be updated soon, we will inform you about Itachi's skills and stats in the latest update.

Princess Hinata

Princess Hinata is a beautiful and sweet new ninja who also appeared during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Hinata is the epitome of pure love and beauty with her shimmering visuals, amazing attack power, and skills captured by her sweet moments with Naruto. Add to that the beautiful fireworks that make her one of the most skilled ninjas.

Orochimaru - Kabuto

The new ninja duo is Orochimaru - Kabuto, this is it. The villainous couple is scheming and lustful. The terrible crimes of the same famous forbidden arts of unclean land reincarnation have caused the five countries to be in danger many times.

Yamanaka Ino

Yamanaka Ino has a super shimmering appearance. with passionate sweet heart shooting skills. Yamanaka Ino is like a flower blooming in the middle of the battlefield, this flower is beautiful but full of thorns.















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