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Annelids for iOS, Annelids is an action-adventure game from Michal Srb, which lets you engage in a ..

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Annelids for iOS, Annelids is an action-adventure game from Michal Srb, which lets you engage in a war with the armed worm.
License: Free
Released: Michal Srb
Request: iOS 9.0 above
Last updated: 05-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: 1.115.1
Total download: 283
Capacity: 57,7 MB

How to use Annelids cho iOS 1.115.1 - Game cuộc chiến của những con giun có vũ trang


Introduction Specifications Download

Annelids is an action adventure game from Michal Srb, Lets you join a duel with armed worms.

Prepare for battle, choose your weapons and fight. Gamers can complete all quests or join their favorite game modes, play with others over wifi, battle intelligent artificial intelligence, procedurally generated maps, and play anywhere. on mobile.

Annelids for a thrilling underground battle
Annelids for a thrilling underground battle

Features of Annelids game for iOS

  • Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest and King of the Hill game modes .
  • Play against a smart AI.
  • WiFi multiplayer, up to 6 players, one-time fee required.
  • Mapsprocedurally generated.
  • 31 missions, 13 maps, 26 novelty weapons and 9 secrets.
Game design Annelids are extremely simple but easy to see
Annelids game design is extremely simple but easy on the eyes

In-game Annelids, you control a worm to fight against other worms by using a variety of weapons, all 6 types. Each weapon can attack and defend separately. The battle takes place on different maps, be it land, water or a place full of traps.

To win, you need to earn points according to the instructions of the current game mode. , delete the enemy or you will be eliminated. Depending on the game mode, players can respawn immediately and immediately or after 8 seconds (only in Capture or Conquer mode).

As you explore underground tunnels, you'll see trash cans around the map. They can help you heal, or store weapons to find and trade with others.

Super fun and addictive entertainment, both action and adventure
Super fun and addictive entertainment, both action and adventure

Annelids Game Modes

The game mode is Mission, in which you need to complete missions, in addition to Challenge, Custom and Multiplayer modes. , all of which are available from the start of the game.

Mission Mode

This mode features 41 missions in which the player is introduced to maps and modes. Different game levels, with increasingly more difficult missions, suitable for the player's progress. In addition, there are 27 additional additional missions available. Missions with Stars, gamers can win 3 stars if they meet all the conditions to win.

Daily Challenge

Consists of different challenges, displayed every day. To complete the challenge, you need to do all the requirements at the end of the game and get the golden chain.

Custom Game

This mode includes 1 customizable game. . >

You play with other people in real time. There is a server list where up to 6 people can participate in any part of the world. These servers are configured with every game mode. Server each game mode can be different depending on the player's ability. Besides you will be able to host a game over WiFi or Bluetooth.














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