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Re:Legend, Adventure with friends in a beautiful Re:Legend world filled with fantastical creatures...

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Re:Legend, Adventure with friends in a beautiful Re:Legend world filled with fantastical creatures. Together build, craft, farm, fish, care for and
License: Free
Released: 505 Games
Request: Windows 10 64-bit
Last updated: 06-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: 1.0
Total download: 766
Capacity: N/A

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About Specs Download

Adventure with friends in the beautiful Re:Legend world and full of fantastical creatures. Build, craft, farm, fish, care for, and breed together a variety of great supporting pets.

Survive on the beautiful island of Vokka in the game. play adventure ReLegend
Survive on beautiful Vokka island in ReLegend adventure game

In-game simulation ReLegend PC, gamers will start a new life on the island of Vokka and find all ways to restore old memories. To do that, you first need to learn how to survive on the island through farming, befriending the islanders, expanding your village, and training your own monsters - they're called Magnus.

Connecting to the land of Ethia around the island of Vokka and retrieving memories is not an easy task so the Re Legend game world contains enough dangerous Magnus monsters and new challenges. Will you survive and create a new good life or wait to die?

Enjoy adventure to explore and create a new life in Re:Legend
Enjoy adventure to explore and create new life in Re:Legend

Main Game Features Re:Legend

Nurture Magnus

Mythical creatures called Magnus, they roam the land of Ethia - the world where the island of Vokka resides. You'll be able to tame Magnus to help them fight, farm, fish, travel and more. Magnus will grow in different directions depending on your care and training.


Like Alchemy Story and Farm Mania, gamers must take care of the farm. on Vokka Island to get food and ingredients for the villagers. Unlimited farming on land and raising exotic fishes.

Build buildings, farm, train monsters... in Re Legend to create a life new life
Build buildings, farm, train monsters... in Re Legend to create life new


The world of Ethia contains enough dangerous wild creatures, you must have combat skills to survive in Re Legend. Use your weapons at the right time and rely on Magnus to help you fight.

Vokka Village

Vokka Village is where your new life begins. Make friends with the locals and actively participate in the festival. Be attentive to their needs and help each other every day. Maybe they will help you restore old memories?

Create new tools and weapons for survival missions
Craft new tools and weapons for survival missions

Life skills

Practice will make you more perfect in game Re:Legend. Life skills will be mastered if you practice regularly, besides continuously leveling up, including resource extraction, fishing, farming, crafting, using weapons...

Crafting multiplayer

Game Re Legend allows solo play, but why not share the fun with friends? Take action together and share precious memories. Will your group conquer the world of Ethia or simply relax in this colorful world!

Update the latest Re:Legend game

ReLegend 16.3.8 :

Re:Legend update Christmas version with loads of new festive themed items
Re:Legend Christmas update with loads of new festive themed items

Christmas themed content

  • Celestial Magnus: Gamers have a chance to confront Celestial Magnus in all biomes.
  • Shadow Isle: Introducing new item - Shadow Fragment and Shadow Egg.

Christmas Furniture


  • Golden Sleigh Bed
  • Rustic Sleigh Bed
  • Silver Sleigh Bed


  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Wreath
  • Christmas Deer Decor
  • Snowflake Decor
  • Christmas Star Decor
  • Candy Cane Decor


  • Grey Weave Wallpaper
  • Sectioned Rustic Wallpaper
  • Wide Rustic Wallpaper
  • Classic Rustic Wallpaper
  • Classic Oriental Wallpaper
  • Wide Oriental Wallpaper
  • Sectioned Oriental Wallpaper
  • Framed Oriental Wallpaper
  • Mixed Oriental Wallpaper
  • Centered Oriental Wallpaper
  • Wide Wooden Wallpaper
  • Centered Wooden Wallpaper
  • Classic Wooden Wallpaper
  • Sectioned Wooden Wallpaper
  • Blue Frosted Wallpaper
  • Green Frosted Wallpaper
  • Red Frosted Wallpaper
  • Green Ornamental Wallpaper
  • Gold Ornamental Wallpaper
  • Green Festive Wallpape r
  • Turquoise Festive Wallpaper
  • Red Festive Wallpaper
  • Green Checkered Wallpaper
  • Red Checkered Wallpaper
  • Gold Checkered Wallpaper
  • Gold Diamond Wallpaper
  • Frosted Ornamental Wallpaper


  • Dark Wood Tile
  • Light Wood Tile
  • Dark Checkered Tile
  • Light Checkered Tile
  • Ash Red Tile
  • Ash Gray Tile
  • Pink Brick Tile
  • Green Brick Tile
  • Turquoise Brick Tile
  • Red Squared Tile
  • Green Diamond Tile
  • Green Framed Tile
  • Gold Framed Tile
  • Red Framed Tile
  • Green Sectioned Tile
  • Red Sectioned Tile
  • White Sectioned Tile
  • Red Diamond Tile
  • Gold StarTile

Dual Christmas Light

Angel wings are now available in Emilia's shop.

Christmas loot

Collect loot and sell to earn gold.

  • Snowflake - 50 gold
  • Christmas Wreath - 75 gold
  • Candy Cane - 100 gold

Additionally, the ReLegend game's Christmas update fixes many other bugs, big and small, to provide a more stable, complete game experience.

Fighting with Magnus confront the enemy inside the enemy
Fight with Magnus against the enemy inside

Re Legend Gaming Configuration

  • Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit.
  • CPU: Intel i5 chipset.
  • RAM : 6GB.
  • Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 2GB video card.
  • At least 7GB free hard drive for installation and gaming Re:Legend.

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