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Remoteness, Remoteness is an apocalyptic-themed survival game, set in the world after a meteor show..

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Remoteness, Remoteness is an apocalyptic-themed survival game, set in the world after a meteor shower, in which you play the role a person is forgotten after the person
License: Free
Released: KR Games
Request: Windows 7 (64 bit) above
Last updated: 05-09-2022
OS: Window
Version: N/A
Total download: 283
Capacity: N/A

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Introduction Specifications Download

Remoteness is an adventure game Apocalyptic-themed animation, set in the world after a meteor shower hits Earth, in which you access the role of a person who is left behind after people are evacuated from the city.

Remoteness is a new apocalypse themed action adventure game
Remoteness is an adventure game new apocalypse theme action

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Survival game Remoteness Steam is set in New York City in 2034, you wake up from a horrible nightmare, but in villa In fact, almost the same. The area was evacuated and isolated by the military overnight, after a meteor shower hit the Earth.

City, Chinatowns and Underground. land is a fully open world environment
Cities, Chinatowns and underground are world environments fully open

Aware of yourself have been left alone with the trusty drone "Hanna", and with your need for periodic injections, your only choice is to get your crossbow, get out of hiding, fight, explore destroy, find potions, survive and try to escape this hell!

Find weapons and useful items to have in this crazy new world
Find useful weapons and items to have in this crazy new world

Features The core of the game Remoteness

  • Cities, Chinatowns, and underground are completely open-world environments that can be freely explored.
  • Cycle. vivid 24h day/night and random rain system, both positively impact the game experience.
  • Use electricity to your advantage: as a crossbow booster when rain, or as currency in underground subway merchant locations.
  • Find useful weapons and items to acquire in this crazy and unknown new world. this.
 Realistic graphics, promising to bring children impressive survival experience
Realistic graphics, promises to bring impressive survival experiences
  • Advanced AI: all enemies and creatures respond dynamically to your in-game actions and weather conditions.
  • Daytime play will increase the appearance of soldiers, but will protect you from scary monsters of unknown origin at night.
  • Although the night will help you to operate stealth stealthy, but be careful and try to avoid dark locations.
  • Gameplay with realistic graphics and physics, promising unique and impressive survival experiences.
Night will keep you stealthy, but avoid dark places
Night will keep you stealthy, but avoid these dark places

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